His For the Taking

Published July 1st 2010 by Zebra
ISBN 1420104799 (ISBN13: 9781420104790)

Persuasion Always Wins

On a mission to investigate treason, Privateer Marquis Warrick Barry believes he’ll have no trouble getting the information he seeks from Karly Bane—the dark-haired beauty the Crown has ordered him to marry. But none of Warrick’s tactics work. Unable to deny the hunger the fiery temptress elicits in him, Warrick realizes he must use seduction to persuade his new wife to trust him—both in and out of the bedroom.

When Passion Is The Prize

As the daughter of a pirate, Karly knows she has nothing in common with the aristocratic Warrick—except an overwhelming mutual attraction. And though Warrick’s intentions appear honourable, Karly cannot bring herself to reveal her closely guarded secrets. But when danger threatens to tear them apart, she must decide if she can share herself fully with the man who is now her husband—and if she wants a love that can last forever.

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